Tilda Cotton Beach - Fun Projects With Fabulous Fabric

Jan 2024

Spark your sew-jo with some cute little projects to make you smile


It’s always a delight to welcome a new Tilda range, and this one is no exception.

Fresh designs can free you from a sewing funk and help spark a sew-jo back to life.

This feels so important right now, as our chaotic world just doesn’t feel like it’s ever going back to ‘normal’.

But even in this chaos, there is SO much that is normal, and still so much light and blessing. Being able to take the time to create is such solace.

The new Tilda Cotton Beach is releasing in just a few days and it’s a burst of sweet, bold designs.

tilda-cotton-beach-fun-projects-with-fabulous-fabric - beachy themes for the win

My favourites in this range are the large scale coral prints,and the scallop shell which reminds me of filigree. So perfect to fussy cut!

tilda-cotton-beach-fun-projects-with-fabulous-fabric - vibrant and fresh

The 'Sea Anemone' prints are very similar to some of my favourite tiny florals from the Lazy Days range.

Cotton Beach Smart Sofa Station

My first project was to make another Smart Sofa Station as the sample for my Sew-Along which has just finished.

tilda-cotton-beach-fun-projects-with-fabulous-fabric - Smart Sofa Station

I used the rich reds and burgundies for this version, and contrasted it with the Devonstone coral (DV 114).

The handquilting is done with a range of burgundy, pink, coral and cream perle 8 thread. I just love the variegation that it brings to the texture!

I also had fun adding some sweet details to the pincushion and 'kisses' to the hand stitching.

tilda-cotton-beach-fun-projects-with-fabulous-fabric - pincushion details

I'm also appreciating my stash of woolen felt that I've accumlated several years ago.

I seem to have almost every shade under the sun!

tilda-cotton-beach-fun-projects-with-fabulous-fabric - wool felt needle keeper

We had so much fun during the Sew-Along, and I can’t wait to do another one!

Me & My Friend Pincushions

Along with this range there is a smal and large-scale print called ‘Me & My Friend’ which is a collection of whimsical ladies in the Tilda style.

It comes in khaki and slate backgrounds, and the Tilda catalogue shows these girls arrayed with appliqued clothing and accessories.

So fun and such a good idea!

I just had to replicate this for my little projects, and then design a few more with some of the other Tilda coordinates.

You've can grab the free pattern to make your own from the Tilda Website here.

I’ve turned mine into some pincushions each with a different style and girl on the front.

The clothing and head scarf is needle-turn appliqued, a simple but effective way of adding layers of fabric to another.

Watch some tips for how to do this here:

Let me introduce to you the first girl – this stunning redhead.

tilda-cotton-beach-fun-projects-with-fabulous-fabric - Tilda Me and My Friend pincushion

She’s got a sweet dress in blue chambray and her bun is tied with a scarf.

The matching piping adds a tailored touch to this design,and the ribbon tag is left over from a fat quarter bundle.

The reverse is ‘Ocean Flower’ in blue.

tilda-cotton-beach-fun-projects-with-fabulous-fabric - pincushion the back should always shine

I had forgotten how much I love doing needle turn applique!

It’s literally my favourite kind of hand stitching to do, even more than …cough … epp.

Next up is this vibrant lady.

tilda-cotton-beach-fun-projects-with-fabulous-fabric - Tilda me and my friend fabulous outfit!

She’s wearing a kaftan in the new coral print ‘Coral Reef’ in ginger. Her great taste continuses with some ‘look at me’ dangly earrings.

I’ve added some crochet lace trim and some more ‘Shells’ fabric.

The reverse is the same fabric for a lovely bright pop of colour.

tilda-cotton-beach-fun-projects-with-fabulous-fabric - more vibrance on the back

And last up we have the pinafore gal.

This one is based directly on the photo in the Tilda catalogue, and sparked all the other versions.

tilda-cotton-beach-fun-projects-with-fabulous-fabric - Cotton beach try binding for a different finish

This lovely looks like she has her sleeves rolled up ready to get into the chores.

But she hasn’t forgotten to add some bling, with a sweet flower accenting her hair.

Her pinafore is the ‘Meadow’ basic in rose, and I found the perfect tiny buttons to add to the straps.

I’ve bound this one with a basic called ‘Sophie’ in blue, and adding a little ‘handmade’ button tag. The back is ‘Shells’ in blue.

I hope these sweet ladies have made you smile … dressing them bought back memories of playing with paper dolls when I was a little girl.

tilda-cotton-beach-fun-projects-with-fabulous-fabric - three pincushions for Tilda fun

More amusing for me was that I simply forgot to stick any pins in these when I photographed them.


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