Dogs in Sweaters - Introducing Sebastian

August 20, 2020

Hello, and welcome to an update about what I've been doing...this pillow has been on my list to make for several years now, ever since I first fell in love with Elizabeth Hartman's beautiful patterns.

This is her dachshund block pattern, called Dogs in Sweaters. The block can be repeated to be made into a whole quilt, or simply used singly.

I've never made a block with so many small pieces before, and it was a bit daunting! But the instructions are very clear, and while the cutting out is time consuming, and keep track of what's what is tricky, that's the longest, hardest part of the whole thing.

I labeled everything with the letters she uses, and it's pretty essential.

Dogs in Sweaters - Introducing Sebastian - now where did I put my glasses?

This was the first time I've sewed with linen in a pieced quilt block too, and it was totally fine.

I didn't starch it, as it's quite stiff enough, and it's said to not handle starch well.

I probably should do a test swatch to personally find out what happens to it when starched...So the background, ears and tail are Essex linen, and give such a lovely texture to the whole thing.

And I have exactly two black fabrics in my stash!


I guess I don't use black much at all.  But two was all I needed.

And then I went to town on the quilting!

I had in my head from the beginning that this pupper would have a unique personality.

Dogs in Sweaters - Introducing Sebastian - the cutest dog in town

His coat is just straight line quilting, so that was easy, but I decided to launch out and take a chance on free motion quilting the rest.

It's always a risk that you're going to ruin your work...It's been months since I've done any of this, so I always take the time to do a test swatch, and get my 'hands' again.

Of course, it's not at all perfect, and I wish I could do it over, but overall I'm really happy with the result.

My pebbles look quite pebbly, even if they aren't at all round, and the texture it brings is just delish!

Dogs in Sweaters - Introducing Sebastian - the coolest eyewear in town

I nicknamed my pupper 'Sebastian', and I think the combo of his glasses and scruffy ears make him really unique!

I've outlined his glasses with some straight stitches in the same rayon shiny thread I used on his coat, and it really makes them pop.

Dogs in Sweaters - Introducing Sebastian - pebbles and shaggy tail

Getting a whole shot of loooonnnnggg pillow is always a bit tricky, so you'll mostly see him in parts today.

He got the same shaggy quilting treatment on his tail.

Dogs in Sweaters - Introducing Sebastian - pebble quilting and handmade knitted sweater

And I added the 'handmade' tag onto his jumper, to hint at it being hand knitted for him!

The tag was the perfect fit for that spot.

The background is a square box style stipple, that has a more masculine feel to it.

I'm most happy with the way that turned out, the pebbles not so much. They need practice!

Dogs in Sweaters - Introducing Sebastian - rose gold feature zipper

And who doesn't love a bit of bling?!

It's time zips were celebrated a bit more, rather than hidden away.

I made the zip at the bottom an extra feature, and used this technique to insert it.

I've noticed it's quite a 'thing' on high end pillows, to show the zipper. And of course you want to show this one off, because rose gold needs showing off, and I LOVE it!

Dogs in Sweaters - Introducing Sebastian - beautiful essex linen and gingham checks

Sebastian has gone to live with my son and his new wife, and I get to visit and pat him occasionally.

I really need one for ME!

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