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Feb 2023

Zakka Workshop have some new kits available - this is my version of the Flying Geese Pouch

A few weeks ago I showed you the first of some kits that Zakka Workshop kindly sent me to try out, and this week I made another one of them.

*scroll to the bottom for a fun giveaway!*

This is the Flying Geese bag, designed by the very talented Kristyne Czepuryk of Pretty By Hand.

Zakka Workshop Kit - Flying Geese Pouch

It’s been my intention to make myself some more useful storage pouches, and having this arrive was just the nudge I needed!

This is such a stylish and practical project which can be completed in relaxing afternoon’s sewing.

What’s particularly unique about this pouch design is the internal frame which holds the neck of the bag open and rigid, so you can see everything inside and grab it easily.

It's so very clever! Checkout another version that Zakka Workshop have.

Don’t let the words ‘internal frame’ intimidate you, as the construction of the bag is very basic, and the frames are the very last thing to go in!

The kit comes with the frames and the zip supplied, just choose your favourite fabrics and off you go!

I’ve chosen to substitute the white zipper that was provided in the kit, with one which coordinated with my fabric choices.

Image Cred: Zakka Workshop

This is one of those pouches which is deceptively bigger in the cover photo than in real life.

But while it’s actually quite small, it’s surprisingly roomy. You can fit a lot in this!

I’ve chosen a fun pastel colour palette for my version, as I fell in love with this colourway of Betsy called ‘Primrose Hill’ which is one of those Betsy’s that just reaches out and speaks to you.

Actually they all do, but some of them are particularly sassy.

All that to say that it was Betsy’s fault, and the rest joined in.

Zakka Workshop Kit - Flying Geese Pouch Flat lay quilted

Here's the Liberty fabric specifics: the flying geese are Glimmer A and Edenham B, and the piping and base are Edenham H.

The pretty pink contrast is Chrissy C, all available from Ava & Neve.

The low volume on the back is from my stash, and has a romantic script print on it.

This little project is small enough to use your Society F16 win!

Zakka Workshop Kit - Flying Geese Pouch binding the zipper ends

When I’m sewing with Liberty lawn which has a lighter weight than quilting cotton, and I need a bit more structure, I always reinforce with SF101 interfacing before I baste it to the batting.

It’s a little bit more work but I just love the extra body it gives. Consider it like the shape wear that you need underneath for great support ;)

Try it and see what you think!

Zakka Workshop Kit - Flying Geese Pouch Liberty Betsy

I chose to offset the flying geese slightly instead of having that panel in the centre, and I only put them on the front of my bag.

What’s fun about this pattern is how easy it is to alter with to give it your own stamp.

I decided to try adding piping to the edges of the flying geese panel and that proved to be the most challenging part of this project.  

Zakka Workshop Kit - Flying Geese Pouch piping and Liberty together

Piping is something I've done for many years now, but piping and flying geese together are a whole other thing.

I unpicked several times until I was satisfied with it, so bear in mind that adding this feature will make getting an accurate seam allowance a bit trickier, and preserving your points will be a challenge.

I do love the extra tailored look that piping adds, and the navy really pops against the rest of the colour scheme.

If you’re going to include a feature such as this, it’s a good idea to finish the piping earlier in the seam, so you’re not running into seam allowance issues when it comes to installing the zip.

This is a really easy mod to do, so let me know if you’d like a tutorial.

I quilted my pouch in a basic grid again, as I love the modern look it gives. The geese are echo quilted inside the triangles, which is just enough.

Across the base I’ve done a diagonal pattern for a fun change. I would have loved to have enough time to add some more hand quilting however, as this would just be an extra sweet element.

So would you like a peek inside??

Zakka Workshop Kit - Flying Geese Pouch wide mouth is perfect

Look how beautifully this pouch sits when it's open! It's a really clever idea, and so useful.

Once again I’m a huge fan of using zipper by the metre, as you have so many more options available.

There is a really wide selection of pulls to choose from, you can mix and match, and even add a second zipper to have a double opening.

I just watched this clever hack from Sew Sweetness to install the zipper heads, and as this part is always a bit fiddly.

Next time I’m going to try her method!

Zakka Workshop Kit - Flying Geese Pouch frames hold the neck wide open

I’ve added a leather pull to my zipper head as well for an extra bit of texture.

The pattern calls for the exterior and lining to be hand sewn together, but I chose to machine stitch this step, and only hand stitched the top row that hold the frames in place.

I've used a navy perle 8 thread as a nice pop of colour that you see when you open the bag.

Zakka Workshop Kit - Flying Geese Pouch Liberty lawn and quilting

If you leave an opening in the base of the lining, then there’s no need to hand sew.

Just make sure your zipper is aligning the right way as it comes out between the two layers.

Zakka Workshop Kit - Flying Geese Pouch the perfect sewing travel accessory

But if you enjoy a bit more of a hand sewn experience, go right ahead!

I really enjoyed making this fun pouch from Zakka Workshop, and think you will too!

Zakka Workshop Kit - Flying Geese Pouch cute and practical

They're kindly giving away two kits!

If you’d like  a chance to win a kit for yourself and a friend, head to Instagram and follow the prompts on the Flying Geese Pouch picture.

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