Handmade in Everyday Life With the Creator's Compendium

Feb 2023

Dress up your everyday planner with a handmade cover that'll make you smile every time!

5 Years in the Making

It was January 2017 when I bought my first serious planner and watched my life slowly transform out of chaos, into one of a more ordered daily calm.

Lists were made, gifts were bought in a timely fashion, meals were planned, and most of our appointments were kept without incident.

I know, I'm ashamed to admit that I never really did this much before. Life had been happening on slips of paper, entries in my phone, and written on the back of my hand when I could find a pen.

Back then, I celebrated my pretty new planner by designing a custom cover to fit it. This made me feel even more accomplished - I was planning my day with some handmade charm.

I loved it! ... and so it seems, did many of you!

After I shared this on my blog and socials, I got monthly requests for this cover, and it remains to this day my most pinned image.

You can see my original design here.

Fast forward 5 years - I feel quite seasoned at planning my life now ... it's become second nature.

While I'm still not perfect by any means, daily planning helps me get the jumble of never ending to do's out of my head and see that there is some rhythm to the world.

Daily planning has been my best solution for taking control of things I can't control.

I use a physical, actual page turning planner, where time feels linear and there are less distractions to stop me getting organised. I write my to-do lists, plan menus for the week, and write down all my appointments.

I've never forgotten how much I loved to have that handmade cover used everyday.

I knew that one day the time would be right to develop this cover into a fully fledged pattern, and now that time is here!

Meet the Creator's Compendium

As you might realise, I do love my alliteration! But I also try and have some significance to my pattern names.

In this case 'compendium' means 'a collection or set of stationery'.

This zippered cover now comes with lots of options, pockets, and places to store your stationery.

It's a planner's dream kit!

The cover is designed to fit a 7" x 9" (approx 18 cm x 23 cm) notebook, which fits planners like the Erin Condren Life Planner, the Happy Planner and the Quilter's Planner.

It will of course, fit a smaller notebook as well, just not as snugly. It also fits a small i-pad or tablet, and the padded foam adds lots of protection.

3 Cover Designs

My original design has been updated and improved with lots and lots of options!

The pattern is written with 3 exterior cover options - a wholecloth design, a centre spine design and a star block cover.

I'm actually pretty partial to that star block!

There's just something spunky about it that's super cute!

Loads of Internal Storage

A spiral bound planner actually adds lots of room inside for adding in extra pockets.

The inside flaps hold a couple of pockets each.

What do you think of that notched detailing on the edge?

That kind of touch says 'office file' to me, and really appeals to my inner receptionist!

This is perfect to slip a few cute stickers inside, and then we move on to that inner zip ...

I love having the option to use cute zippers, and this time I've gone crazy with this peach stripe version!

The possibilities for cute zippers and pulls are nearly endless these days. I might have been buying a few to many ...

On the right hand side, there's two smaller pockets with sweet flaps.

I hope it's not lost on you how much scope there is here for fussy cutting!

I went wild for that typewriter print!

Piping Takes it Next Level

While this pattern is not aimed at beginners, I do strive to teach new skills to those who enjoy a challenge.

If you've always admired the look of piping, then this pattern is a great way to get started and try it.

The pen holder inside the cover safely keeps your pen from disappearing as they have a habit of doing, but keeping close at hand at all times.

Best of all, this pattern comes with a separate pencil case pouch.

This has a piped edge, which is the perfect amount of piping to try out. If you've always wanted to add cute touches like this, try the pencil case first!

This sweet pouch is just right for a few brush pens, your favourite markers, washi tape and templates.

Now, as I pass this pattern over to you to work your magic on, I sincerely hope that it brings you joy like it has brought me!

It won't organise your life for you, but it will inspire you to plan, practice and commit to good habits!

Some of the best things in life take a long time to come to fruition.

But they're worth waiting for!

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