May Liberty Society - All the Tiny Florals

I'm just sew excited about May's Liberty's all my favourites, and a few I didn't know were my favourites!Why is Liberty sooo addictive?Well, maybe it's because they turn any project from special to magnificent with a little 'abracadabra!'I think it's because they all have so much personality, rich history, and classy design.In my mind they each have their own character. Some of them are sweet and compliant, some are sassy and precocious. I've been adding to my 1" hexie quilt lately, a long term project that I'm just loving! You can see some progress over on Instagram.

I basted a heap more hexies the other day, and do you think they could all pose nicely?I arranged them in graduating colour order, but being the pointy sided shapes they are, they still weren't happy.The royal blue hexie with the orange flower wanted to be up higher with the other glints of orange. And of course the ones with pink flowers were best friends and wanted to sit together too.The three Betsys didn't want to be seen together wearing similar prints so I told them off for being divas.The tiny florals were smiling sweetly to my face but wouldn't stop arguing about who was the prettiest behind my back.So I had to yell 'QUIET!' and threaten to knock their corners off of if they didn't all settle down and smile sweetly for the camera. Behind every family photo there's a story about who was doing what!

In Pemberley news, this block...

...became this.You can see that I swapped out a few of the original fabrics I had in mind, and I do love the final result! Another block down, and only four whole blocks and four halves to go!I had a productive weekend as well, getting some You Tube vids edited and posted. You can now watch my four part Liberty Piping tutorial, that I used to make this pattern from start to finish! the fabrics which make me giddy every time I see them...May's Society!

So please tell me your hexies talk to you! I'd love to know I'm not the only one...


August 19, 2020

Thank you for joining up! I'm so excited to have you along for the ride!
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