October Liberty Society

Feb 2023

If you're like me, and I know some of you are...you love sewing things by hand, but you don't just love hand piecing for the sake of it.

If I can find a quicker way to sew a seam accurately, then I will.

I recently realised that the Mrs Bennett blocks that I'm sewing for my Pemberley quilt could be hacked.

The idea came to me after I'd seen @tincatsews idea of joining the two long corner pieces together with tape, and doing away with the long straight seams altogether.

The sudden realisation that some pieces could be joined together because they have no seam allowance was quite exciting.


But you do have to consider whether you're reducing your design options if you're doing this. So in the case of joining these two long corner pieces together and cutting them as one piece, you're going to have less choices for controlling pattern direction and the range of fabric.


You join that long straight seam on the sewing machine before you begin the hand piecing process. Winner winner chicken dinner!

I saved myself heaps of time, got that long straight boring seam sewn together, and still got a pretty multi-directional corner!

You can watch the steps that I've followed in this short video below...


Unfortunately I got a bit carried away with my idea, and forgot to pay attention to the direction of the pieces after I'd sewn them on the machine.

So there was some un-sewing required...quite a bit actually as I'd got a fair way along before I suddenly realised my error. If you look closely at the image above you can see what I'm talking about...some wouldn't mind at all, but I knew it would really bug me, so I fixed it.

October's Liberty Society is another amazing collection of beautifully collectible prints.

Not only that I can see lots of potential for fussy cutting here...errr why do I instantly think of the fastest way to cut little holes in my fabric now??

Pemberley you have ruined me forever!

And here's a little progress shot...

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