Tilda Bumblebee One a Penny Mini Quilt

Feb 2023

See what a sweet baby quilt I made the Tilda bundle I won - it's a cutie!

A few weeks ago I had the lovely surprise of winning a fat quarter bundle of Tilda Bumblebee.

It was an Instagram giveaway hosted by Bec from On the Cutting Table, and sponsored by Cristy at Utopian Threads.

It was the first thing I woke up to on a Monday morning and certainly got my week off to a great start!

Bec's site is a one stop directory for anyone who loves sewing, patterns,  and fabric.

I think it's such a great idea to have everything you need in just one place, and it's so pretty and inspiring to boot!

Tilda Bumblebee One a Penny Mini Quilt - Fat quarter bundle

I decided that my first project with this bundle would be a quilt, as I have been absolutely dying to make another one.

It's been sooo long since my last quilt, and I was totally having withdrawals!

And just at the right time, my friend Sam posted a fresh new mini quilt design over on her blog for Easter.

I loved it, and thought straight away that it would set all the pretty prints off so well in this Tilda range.

Tilda Bumblebee One a Penny Mini Quilt - Quilt top

Sam's design is a very quick and easy make, but I decided I would rather make something a bit larger.

I don't really have a suitable wall to hang minis on, and I much prefer having a practical use for all that hard work.

So I doubled everything, and didn't do my maths very thoroughly.

It soon became obvious that I'd cut every. piece. wrong.


Not a lot, just enough to be extremely annoying, and make everything take so much longer.

I hope I've learned my lesson...measure ten times, cut once!

And when I make a mistake like this, it makes me even more determined to push through and triumph in the end.

Tilda Bumblebee One a Penny Mini Quilt - Yummy binding

It was so satisfying to eventually be able to quilt this knowing I'd perservered and made it work!

I paired this quilt with some low volume solids in greys and creams.

Lately I've really been enjoying this unlikely combination. I think it adds a bit of vintage style and age to a quilt.

There's a bit of Paperie, Architextures, Modern Backgrounds, and a Spotlight spotted grey print.

I used a simple grid pattern following the lines of the blocks, and it quilted up surprisingly quickly!

Which was great because my shoulders just can't take too much.

Here it is, all quilted up and waiting for some luscious binding!

This was one of the prints that I didn't use in the quilt, and I had just enough to bind the full quilt with it. There was only 1/4in left!

Whew, I was so relieved when that came together as planned!

Here's the hero shot of the quilt.

It's a good sized lap quilt with the addition of a couple of extra borders.

It measures 36" x 44".

Tilda Bumblebee One a Penny Mini Quilt - Backing fabric
Tilda Bumblebee One a Penny Mini Quilt - Seersucker backing

My absolute favourite part of a quilt is a really cute backing fabric, and this one is very special.

It's a seersucker print that I inherited from my husband's grandma, who as I've mentioned before, was a formidable craft woman.

I'm sure she would have been a true star on social media given the chance!

I love being able to add meaning and heritage to my creations, and it was sheer excitement when I realised how well this one worked.

Because of how seersucker stretches, it takes a bit of extra effort to press it, tape it down, and stretch it out, to ensure no puckering on the back when quilting.

But the extra puff that it adds to the back is just amazing! I can't wait to throw this one in the wash and see the result!

Tilda Bumblebee One a Penny Mini Quilt - Folded quilt
Tilda Bumblebee One a Penny Mini Quilt - Folded stack

I also love that this quilt matches my existing cushions in our lounge room.

I have more projects in the works with my bundle, and can't wait to show you more!

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