Traveller's Sewing Book

Feb 2

A sewing kit to travel in style - even if it's just from the sewing machine to the couch!

Today I'm sharing all the details on my Traveller's Sewing Book.

Being organised makes sewing so much more fun and productive, don't you think?

Way way back I was looking through needle book patterns, and I was struck with how all the storage where you stuck the needles was just same same.

A page here, a flap there, and while they did the job, I'm always looking for a better way.

A fancier way. But fancy that still works really well!

For no good reason than I like being different.

So I started imagining and sketching. There were several failed attempts, because it doesn't matter how fancy it looks, it still has to work, and not be impossible to make.

But functional doesn't mean that style needs sacrificing at all! This is one pretty sewing book.

It's got all that zakka style, with plenty of opportunities to add cute features like tags and buttons and big stitches.

It features another of my Easy Cathedral Windows on the front cover, where you can show case your favourite fussy-cut forever.

If you're new to cathedral windows, I recommend you start off with this easy pattern to try them out, then come back to making this one.

I rate this pattern a 'medium adventure' because it has a few more fiddly aspects, and involves interfacing.

So lets take a closer look...and I'll say again...isn't she pretty??

Here's the exterior of the book opened out flat, and you can see that the construction is fairly routine here, once you get that window made.

I've used some Liberty Lodden A for the fussy cut in the window. Lodden is one of those classic Liberties with endless options for fussy cutting, and it's just perfect here!

The stripes are Yuwa, because everything is better with mini stripes in my opinion. I might have paid a LOT for these stripes, and I'm not sorry.

The contrast background strawberries are Heather Ross 40th Anniversary collection, and the back is another HR. The border Liberty is Chamomile Lawn B and is one of my all time favourite tiny florals.

But it's inside that I really want to talk about now...

I'm beginning a mission to improve my personal organisation little by little, and my first step toward this has been to design a functional sewing book.

The Traveller's Sewing Book pdf pattern is one such tool that helps you get organised, and get so much more sewing done because all your essentials are at hand.

And eventually these felt corners worked.

They're not hard to do, they look unique, and they hold your pins and needles perfectly!

What do you think??

The left side has some useful pockets that hold little scissors, and some essential notions.

It's all backed with some extra interfacing which helps make it really sturdy and hold its shape.

I love it!

The closure on this one is in the pattern - it's a simple narrow leather cord which wraps around a button sewn front and back. You can skip the back button if you like, but I do like the woven effect of doing it this way.

So there you have the first one version my Traveller's Sewing Book...I hope you grab the pattern and I'd love to see  your creations!

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