December Liberty Society - Pemberley Update

The final Liberty Society for the year from Ava&Neve is hitting your letterboxes, and it's a beautiful array of pretty small florals.

My progress on my Pemberley quilt has slowed quite a bit over the last couple of months a lot of other commitments have been occupying my time,

but I've managed another block almost finished.

One final segment to add, and this second Billilla block will be done and dusted.

I've enjoyed using the Liberty that I curated no end, and it's made a fun and festive block.

I thought I would show you the back of the block for once, as I've been showing only the fronts so far.

If you baste your pieces thoughtfully and consistently, you'll end up with a much easier block to piece as there are no conflicting 'dog ears' getting in each other's way,

and the final product will also be flatter.

It's similar to 'spinning' your seams when quilting by machine.

You can see particularly with my centre, that all of the 'dog ears' face the same direction, meaning the bulk is distributed evenly, making a flatter finished join.

The same is true for the other joins.

Here is the filled out chip for your December society's, and I hope you enjoy sewing up a storm with it!


August 19, 2020

Thank you for joining up! I'm so excited to have you along for the ride!
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