Make Your Own Amigurumi Bunny

March 12, 2021

A few weeks ago, I launched my very first diminuitive but sweet and charming, amigurumi bunny called Wynne.I've been making these for over a year now, and thought it was high time to start on the next phase...that of developing Wynne into a pattern that others can make as well. I never realised quite how much time and effort goes into writing one little pattern, which requires clear instructions that are concise and unambiguous! I always appreciate patterns with plenty of clear photos, and so I've sought to do this in my pattern as well. But there were weeks of editing, rewriting, checking, rechecking...I felt so daunted by the idea that any mistakes that remained would confuse others!To celebrate my little (huge!) achievement, I'm offering 15% off the next ten purchases of my amigurumi pattern, simply add to cart, and use the code BUNNY4THEWYNNE.

Wynne amigurumi pdf pattern

It's not so much a 'how to' crochet amiqurumi pattern, but is the next step, showing clearly how to finish and professionally assemble the toy so as to look great, and cope with robust play. Also included are full instructions for making Wynne's little flower crown, which adds to her simple charm.

Wynne in the garden

I've been helped out immensely by some of my very dear friends in Australia, and America, who kindly agreed to make Wynne, and give some feedback on the pattern. I've been so grateful for extra help, and overwhelmed by other's kindness in volunteering their time and effort.

kellie's wynne bunny under construction
kellie's amigurumi wynne on tiny quilt

Here is my friend Kellie's Wynne bunny, both in progress, and finished...adorable! Kellie added little embroidered rosebuds to Wynne's feet, and even made her her own postage stamp quilt! And Kellie has released her first pdf pattern...congratulations! Go and check it out...

sedef's amigurumi wynne bunny
sedef's wynne bunny in cath kidston cup

Then Sedef, of the lovely blog Down Grapevine Lane also made Wynne for me, and photographed her in a sweet Cath Kidston tea cup! I love Wynne made up in the blushing pink...she's just gorgeous! Thankyou Sedef, your support has been amazing...

lisa's amigurumi wynne on tiny chair
lisa's amigurumi wynne with rosebuds

And finally, Lisa, of A Spoonful of Sugar, who I have long been a huge fan of, also offered to stitch Wynne for me, and doesn't she look amazing in her little chair! Awwww...I don't know where Lisa finds all her sweets props, but they are always the best eye candy! Lisa added little rosebuds onto her head, and finished her off perfectly.But does anyone else think Wynne looks a little naked, and also a little forlorn without something to do?? On to the rest of my plans to take over the world!!

amigurumi picnic wynnes

I've had a vision for a long time to create special dolls, with clothes and accessories, because that was what I really loved to play with as a child. In this age of plastic, mass produced merchandise, I really long to bring back the richness of handmade toys for our children, and create the heirlooms of the future.With the rise of the ever present screen in our lives, I feel it is becoming more and more important to have a robust, imaginary world that we help our kids cultivate. I find there's something about screen time that just sucks the imagination out of our kids, and leaves them grumpy, bored, and totally lacking the ability to innovate.It's become one of my goals as a mum now, to give children their childhoods back, and let them know the joy of discovering the amazing play world that they can craft entirely in their own heads. Certain simple toys lend themselves to helping this process, and this is my dream.I have a particular love for bunnies...and amigurumi bunnies just seemed to spring off my hook!

Here's another charming version, showing Wynne can be just perfect for Valentine's Day!

amigurumi tiny picnic basket

So my next pattern will be an accessory set for Wynne, suitable for high adventure, and perfect for imaginative play.

amigurumi wynne bunny dungarees

I am also including tiny patterns for tiny clothing, and never fear, I'm giving lots of tips to accomplish tiny seams, accommodate different sized ply yarn and make sewing a wardrobe for your amigurumi bunny totally achievable...Until next time...don't forget to use your discount code (BUNNY4THEWYNNE), to try making your very own amigurumi bunny!