Smart Sofa Station Catch-All Cup - A Mini Tutorial

Apr 2024

Another quick & cute extra for your Sofa Station - make this little cup in just 30 mins!

If you've loved the Smart Sofa Station, then check out the second little add-on that I've designed to make it even better! (You can find the first one here!)

Relaxing on the sofa to stitch at the end of a busy day is one of life's great joys - but only if you're not constantly losing your scissors and sitting on your needle... ouch! So we solved the scissors and needles problem - but what about all the other little bits and pieces that you need close at hand, but don't want to lose down the side? I’m always scouting for ways to improve my organisation and work smarter, not harder.

This time it was when I was using my leather thimble. I take it off and put it back on regularly and didn’t have an appropriate place to rest it in between. I kept knocking it off the sofa arm, or losing it underneath me. Arghh!

So now I've designed this sweet little container I'm calling the 'Catch-All Cup'. It's made from fabric and interfacing and also has a magnet in the base, making it fully integratable with your existing Sofa Station.

Best of all, this little container will take just 30 mins or less of your time to construct, making even more time for you to get back to stitching in peace.

I've loved sewing with these fabrics so much, and it just seemed fitting for this range to be the star of their own new mini pattern!

So I hope you'll give this simple little container a go and follow along with this mini-tutorial, or you can purchase a downloadable version here and not have to work from a screen.

Gather Your Materials

This is made from fabric and very stiff interfacing - Pellon Peltex 71F. It's a fusible, cardboard like interfacing that behaves just like cardboard, but is easy to sew.

In this case, we won't even be sewing it, just using it reinforce the sides, and you'll only need a very small piece.

If you've saved your scraps from making your Smart Sofa Station, you'll be able to make this to match!

If you're starting from scratch, raid your scrap bin because that's all you need.

2" x 2" x 1" FINISHED SIZE

  • 4" square Exterior fabric
  • 4" square Stiff interfacing (Pellon 71F)
  • 5" square Lining fabric
  • 18mm neodynium magnet
  • 1.75" square woven fusible interfacing (SF101)


  • RST = right sides together
  • WS = wrong side
  • RSO = right side out
  • WSO = wrong side out


1. Cut out all pieces.

Cut your woven interfacing into a rough circle. Centre the magnet onto the WS of Exterior fabric. If you're adding this to your existing Sofa Station, check that the pole of the magnet is facing the correct direction. Then fuse interfacing over the magnet to secure it in place.

Mark a 1" x 1" square in each corner of Exterior fabric on WS.

2. Mark  a 1" x 1" square in each corner of stiff interfacing. Cut out corners from stiff interfacing and score between internal corners with a hera marker.

3. Mark a 1.5" square on the WS of each corner of the Lining. Mark again 0.5" down from raw edge along each corner arm.

4. Fold Exterior fabric RST diagonally and align corner marks.

Stitch along each marked line to form [4] corners. Trim off the pointed corner close to the stitching. Turn RSO.

5. Fold Lining diagonally RST, and align corner marks.

Begin stitching just outside the marked line until you reach the 0.5" mark.

Then move across the line and complete stitching just inside the line.

This means the lining will fit snugly on the outside and won't be loose on the inside.

Trim off each corner close to stitching. Keep WSO.

6. Fold stiff interfacing along score lines and place inside the Exterior fabric, with the fusible side facing down.

Align corners and seams.

Fuse into place by supporting each side of the box with a folded towel.

7. Press 0.25" hem to WS around top raw edges.

Push lining inside the Exterior fabric, WSO, matching corners and seams.

8. Fold lining over a second time approx 0.25" and tuck neatly over the edge of the Exterior fabric.

Fill it Up & Use

Now you're done! Congratulations on completing your Catch-All Cup. Don’t let it sit in a cupboard, ... use it, gift it, and most of all, show it off!!

Don't forget, you can purchase the printable version of this pattern here, and sew without having to look at a screen.

If you've enjoyed making this pattern, I'd love to know! Share your project to socials using #SmartSofaStation and #SmartSofaCatchAll and tag me so we can all enjoy your creation.

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