Easy Cathedral Window Sewing Series


Discover the secret to sewing easy Cathedral Windows, & you'll be making these for everyone.

Have you ever admired the Cathedral Window design that some have used? Are you drawn to its elegant shape, clever design and timeless nature?

What's your initial reaction to making it?

Here's some of the comments I've read in the past regarding this style:

"That looks difficult!" "I could never do that!" "I don't have the patience for fiddly sewing!"

Easy Cathedral Windows Sewing Series - Mini Cathedral Pinnies

I have made a few of these as I love how elegant they look, and infact one of my first ever projects when I was a teenager was a Cathedral window - one lone window for a Lavender Sachet.

There was lots of folding, pressing, and parts that were supposed to meet up ...but didn't.

Yep, frustrating!

So fast forward 30 years, and I have a new fun and fast and easy method for you to use to put a Cathedral Window on all kinds of projects!

If you think making a whole project with multiple windows is just a bit too daunting, how about making just one, and putting it on a useful project?

Meet my Easy Cathedral Window Mini Makes sewing series.

Easy Cathedral Windows Sewing Series - Fast Pincushions

What's not to love!

Try this pinnie as your introduction to sewing Cathedral Windows, and I promise you'll be making more than one for sure!

Easy Cathedral Windows Sewing Series - Stack those pinnies

Easy Cathedral Window Mini Makes

These are a set of practical projects that range in difficulty from super basic to more advanced.

I work hard to present my patterns in a beautiful, clear, and methodical way, with plenty of graphics and clear instructions. This series is designed to grow with you as you grow in confidence.

So let's jump in!

Level one is this sweet little pincushion.

The Mini Cathedral Pinnie

Easy Cathedral Windows Sewing Series - Cute pincushion

This is one of those projects that's almost too good to be true...

You can make it entirely out of scraps and use your favourite fussy cuts.

It looks really difficult but is actually a cinch to make, and you can make it in around 45 mins!

Every good pincushion needs a matching hard working accessory right?

Meet The Baby Cathedral Sachet

I rate this a Level 2 project.

It's the sweetest little draw-string bag, which also can be made from scraps of small fabric. The biggest piece you'll need is 5" square.

Easy Cathedral Windows Sewing Series - Drawstring Pouch

The Cathedral Window method here is exactly the same as the pincushion, but the added details with making it into a pouch make it a Level 2.

But trust me, this is still a very quick and easy project!

Easy Cathedral Windows Sewing Series - Drawstring Mini Pouch
Easy Cathedral Windows Sewing Series - Pinnie and Pouch duo

It's the perfect match for the pincushion you've just made, but it has uses far beyond the sewing room.

Easy Cathedral Windows Sewing Series - Hold ear buds in style

How about holding your ear buds?

Or mints for your handbag...and what about a few first aid and makeup essentials.

It also make a great little gift bag for jewelry or sweets for that special handmade touch.

What about Halloween gift bags for candy? They're perfect for just the right amount!

And last but not least...

The Cute Cathedral Cube

Easy Cathedral Windows Sewing Series - The Cute Cathedral Cube

This is one fabulously squishy cube pouch, featuring your favourite Cathedral Window on the front.

It's slightly less a scrappy project, but the possibilities for customising are still plenty.

Easy Cathedral Windows Sewing Series - Boxy Pouch storage in style

I rate this a Level 3 project as it needs confidence working with foam interfacing, inserting zippers and binding the internal seams with bias binding.

It also uses the same Easy Cathedral Window construction method, and is a great size for larger sewing notions, electronics and gifts.

If you're ready to dive in to all three of these, the perfect matching set of course, is all three of these cuties together.

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