Cute Cathedral Cube

Feb 2023

I have a new Mini Make to share with you today!

I have a new Mini Make to share with you today!

When I first discovered this new easy way of making the Cathedral Windows style, my brain was just exploding with all the possibilities!

There are so many fun places where a window can be featured...

and the third in my Cathedral Window series became this new boxy pouch, the Cute Cathedral Cube.

The process of designing a new pattern is quite long...

I start with sketches on paper, tape measures and rulers.

I sketch out the picture in my head, or several variants. Then I make a very rough paper model, with scissors and sticky tape. It ain't pretty!

You can see all my scribblings scattered around in the background.

I start to think through what kind of fabrics and interfacings would give it have the look and structure that I'm after. Sometimes I hit it pretty close first time, but that's rare. I often make something four or five times before I'm reasonably happy with it.

A lot of trial and error that goes into development before something pretty emerges.

Cutting into the 'good' fabric is always a hold your breath moment. I hate wasting it...will it actually work out?

And when it does, there's much celebration!

But then comes the hard slog of putting that all into pattern format, writing clearly and concisely and mistake free. I work with a fantastic group of testers who let me know what works and what can be improved.

I'm sure you can imagine how wonderful it feels to finally put a finished pattern 'out there.' Yes, it's nerve wracking too, but so rewarding!

I get so excited when people also see my vision and want to create with my pattern to achieve their own unique project.

This became my cover edition of the 'Cute Cathedral Cube', so named because one of the voices in my head likes alliteration.

I've created this version and subsequent ones in gorgeous Liberty prints.

This is one of my favourite Betsy's of all time, resplendent in denim blues, with pops of pinks and mustard.

I've also featured a custom fussy cut for the own design of a button bouquet! It's a great idea if you can't find an appropriate fussy cut to match your favourite fabric.

It's a sweet 4" x 2" x 2", and is the perfect size for holding some notions, either to take on the go or just staying home, like we all are right now ;).

I love how some items are deceptively small. This one packs a good amount inside it, while still looking extremely cute.

I'm calling this make an intermediate level, as it involves a few more advanced skills like zipper installation, sewing with foam, and binding the internal seams.

The combination of these makes it slightly more fiddly than my earlier Mini Makes.

I'm hoping to film a video demonstrating these techniques, so you can feel more confident in making it.

Here's some more luscious, luminous Liberty versions (I'm on an alliteration roll today!) which show how you can make a themed set if you like.

My fussy cut windows are from the Cotton+Steel Spectacle range, and give a fun funky addition to the classic look.

Ava&Neve have kits for the Liberty portion of these Cubes, to take the headache out of choosing fabrics if you wish. Grab the pattern from my shop and a kit from their shop!

I'm already seeing these pop up around Instagram, and that just makes my day! Enjoy 25% all Arabesque Scissors pdf patterns right now!

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