Introducing Tilda Hibernation - the Cutest Fabric Ever!

Oct 2023

Discover Hibernation ... the most adorable new fabric range coming soon from Tilda!

Sleeping Critters for Inspirational Sewing!

Every now and again, a fabric collection comes along that's makes you want to drop everything.

Like, everything.

And start sewing with it right away.

Tilda Hibernation is one such collection. It features sleeping animals in a stunning autumn range of prints. The botanical themes, inspired by the arts and crafts movement are just melt-your-heart level cute.

The designs feature delicious names such as 'Squirreldream Hibiscus', 'Slumbermouse denim' and 'Autumnbloom eggplant'.

The Hibernation blenders, Eucalyptus and Olive Branch, stand on their own as elegant understated fabrics. And together, these are the perfect complement to the lush prints of the main collection.

MiniMakes in Hibernation

I've been busy sewing some of my favourite tiny patterns in this fabric. Because you're going to want to fussy cut this one as hard as you can!

Smart Sofa Station in Hibernation

And then I moved on to making another Smart Sofa Station ... it's my favourite yet!

Who can resist those sleeping critters nestled peacefully in their nests?

I've made all the attachments as well - using double magnets this time! This certainly seems to do the trick if you've been struggling with your magnets not being strong enough to work effectively.

You can watch me set up and fill this Smart Sofa Station here. It's super satisfying to take your sofa from crafting chaos, to relaxing calm!

You can make the Threads & Snips Mini Bucket here, and the Catch-All Cup here.

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