Liberty Society Kantha Stitch Along - Part 2

November 17, 2020

Since I showed you my plans last week, I have changed them as I just suddenly had a clearer vision of what I wanted to do.

I've started again, with a slightly different vibe.

I found my stitches evolving, and started to learn what I did and didn't like. I have kept the first project, and hope to come back to it.

Liberty Society Kantha Stitch Along - Part 2 - second fabric pull

I just felt like using a more muted colour palette, and after putting together this group of fabrics, I felt much more comfortable!

I layered the fabrics again, backed some of the lighter ones so there was no shadowing, and once again glued down what I could.

I left all the edges raw this time, except for the circles, which I did turn under.

Liberty is a fine enough weave to handle it, and there hasn't been much fraying at all.

Liberty Society Kantha Stitch Along - Part 2 - quilting with crochet cotton
Liberty Society Kantha Stitch Along - Part 2 - crochet cotton

And I thought I'd share this crochet cotton that I'm also using as one of my quilting cottons.

I spied it in Spotlight this week, and thought the colours were just perfect. I was very disappointed in the DMC range that they had, so thought this was worth a try.

It works fine, even if the sheen is a little flatter.

What do you think? Have you ever tried to hand quilt with crochet cotton?

I browsed the net looking for wider colour ranges, and eventually found this range on ebay.

Fantastic value!

I've ordered a few balls, and will report on what it's like when it arrives.

Liberty Society Kantha Stitch Along - Part 2 - silicone thimble

And this little silicone thimble is saving my fingers.

It's another cheap product that I picked for a few dollars from my local quilt shop. I'd ultimately prefer a leather Clover one, but while I'm saving up, this works just fine.

So what do you think of this texture?? I couldn't be more pleased...I really love the pops of black stitching too.

Liberty Society Kantha Stitch Along - Part 2 - developing texture
Liberty Society Kantha Stitch Along - Part 2 - developing texture

My stitches are all varying lengths, and I like the haphazardness of this.

I've put several spaced rows through to hold things down, and then the rows will be 0.25" apart.

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