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Hello, and welcome! Today I'm sharing the tutorial for this cute Patchwork Teddy Bib that I originally showed you last week here...so let's get started!

I recommend reading right through before you begin :)

Gather your supplies:

Teddy Bib
  • Pattern
  • 12 in square (30 cm) piece of essex linen in natural
  • 6 scraps of different fabric coordinates
  • 13 in (33cm) square of batting
  • 13 in (33cm) fabric for backing
  • scrap of fusible interfacing
  • scrap of wonder under
  • metal or plastic snap for fastening
  • perle 12 thread for quilting
  • decorative button
  • water erasable fabric marker
  • basic sewing supplies

Download and print out the pattern supplied.

Cut out all pieces, and join the Bib top to the Bib base.

Seam allowances are 1/4 in (6mm) throughout.

1.For the beginning of this bib, we are just going to cut out strips the sizes stated, and join them together.

Cut a piece of linen 9 in x 9 in (23cm x 23 cm), for the top part of the bib, and a piece 3.5 in x 9 in (9cm x 23cm) for the lower half.

2. Cut 6, 2 in (5cm) squares from each of your fabrics, and sew them together into a long strip.

I used a selection of tiny ginghams, Japanese florals, and Melly and Me's Snug as a Bug text print.


3. Join the top and bottom strips of the linen onto each side of the strip of patchwork squares. Mine aren't very neat!


4. Layer your piece of batting behind this, either attaching with pins or spray basting.

Hand quilt along the top and bottom edges of the strip of squares.

I rule a line using water erasable marker about 2mm away from the seam, and use this as a guide to get my quilting straight.

It helps a lot! The perle 12 weight thread is just great to work with, as it doesn't tangle or snag like other embroidery thread will.


5. You can choose to add your teddy face now, or go on to finish the bib, and add it at the end.

I put mine on first but either works fine.

From the left over piece of linen, cut out the oval for the teddy face, and a piece of linen slightly larger than this.

Press the linen around the edge of the oval to make a smooth curve.

I use the liquid starch method for this.

Cut a scrap of batting slightly smaller than the oval.

Fuse the Wonder Under to a 2 in square piece of linen, and fuse the interfacing to a second 2 in square of linen.

Take the backing off the Wonder Under, and fuse that to the interfacing, so you have two pieces of linen joined together with interfacing inside.

Trace two teddy ears on this piece.

Sew these along your traced lines, hand quilt as per the picture, then cut out close to your stitching lines.


6. Position the teddy ears on the fourth and fifth squares as per the photo, and pin.

Check that the position is correct by sitting the oval over them and checking that the ends will be well covered when the face is in place.

Machine stitch ears down 3mm from ends.


6. Place teddy face onto the join between squares 4 and 5, making sure the ends of the ears are covered. Pin.

Start stitching down the face with needle turn applique, using a neutral coloured thread.


7. When you are about half way around, carefully remove your paper oval, and insert the little oval of batting.

Finish stitching the oval down.


8. Now you are ready to start assembling the bib.

Place your piece of backing fabric right side up, layer your top linen and batting section right side down, on top of this.

Pin together around the edges. Place bib pattern on top of this, aligning the centre line with the centre of the patchwork squares, and also aligning the patchwork strip section.

Trace pattern onto batting. Sorry, I didn't get a clear pic of this part.

Stitch along your traced lines, beginning at the bottom left curve, and continuing right around, leaving an opening approx 3 in across the bottom for turning through.

Trim 1/4 in away from stitching line, and clip internal curves so that they will sit flat.

Carefully turn through to the right side, taking your time and easing out all the tricky top curves.


9. I roll the seam edges between my fingers to get them nice and smooth.

Press well. Sew up the turning hole using ladder stitch, then hand quilt around the entire edge, approx 1/4in away from the edge.

I also stitched in the ditch along the edges of the patchwork.


10. Trace teddy face features onto the oval using a water erasable marker, and embroider with the perle 12 weight thread.

Any blue traces of marker left can be removed with a damp cloth. Hand quilt around the edge of teddy's face.

Add decorative button if you wish.


11. Attach metal snap to top of bib flaps.

You can also use a button and button hole if you don't have any of these.


Your Patchwork Teddy Bib is now  complete and ready for spills and stains!

I just can't wait to see this smeared with avocado and mashed banana...


I hope this has been useful...if you do happen to make one, please share on instagram using the tag #patchworkteddybib, and tag me :)

Happy sewing!!

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